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customers think.
On what they like about our service: Wendy quoted "everything"

On additional comments: Wendy quoted "Hi there, I have purchased OOLONG TEA of POKKA from your machine before (may be last week), but I find that there is no OOTONG TEA any more in Monash Caufield Compus, why? I LOVE it and I feel sad that I can't buy it any more."

Wendy , Student, Monash Caufield Compus

On what they like about our service: Heather D quoted "Barq's root beer - only place i've seen it in Australia - great to have international drinks here at reasonable prices."

Heather D, Student, Burwood

On what they would like to see: Pramuk De Silva quoted "Its also good if you have Hot Milk as well because now its getting cold in Australia."

On what they like about our service: Pramuk De Silva quoted "I was very impressed by the after sales service i received after the machine was not working."

On improvements to our service: Pramuk De Silva quoted "Keep up the good work"

Pramuk De Silva, Student, Deakin Uni

On what they like about our service: Jade Linda Whitehead quoted "I like that you are kind and your products are always well presented and delicious. You replied to my complaint quickly, which was lovely of you. "

On additional comments: Jade Linda Whitehead quoted "nope, keep up the good work!"

Jade Linda Whitehead, Student, Deakin University

clients think.
On what they like about our service: Ross Preen quoted "Altavend's service is welcomed by staff and students and is correlative to the University's vision in creating a multi-national on campus environment that is beneficial to both Australian and International students."

Ross Preen, Facilities Manager, Swinburne Univeristy Hawthorn

On what they like about our service: Leesa Mckenzie quoted "Altavend has a strong and passionate understanding of the market they serve backed by constant overseas research and innovative ideas."

On additional comments: Leesa Mckenzie quoted "They are a highly reliable and problem-free vendor to deal with and regularly maintain their machines and keep stock levels at maximum."

Leesa Mckenzie, Contract Officer, Deakin University

On what they like about our service: Caryn Ooi quoted "Reliable "

On improvements to our service: Caryn Ooi quoted "probably more around the campus"

Caryn Ooi, Student Admin, Deakin ICCB