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customers think.
On what they like about our service: Shafiul Haider quoted "Good selection of products. Products usually fresh and satisfactory. "

On improvements to our service: Shafiul Haider quoted "Add more selection of chips. "

Shafiul Haider, Student, Clayton Monash

On what they like about our service: chanichara vajasit quoted "there are many kind of snacks"

chanichara vajasit, student, melbourne

On what they like about our service: Eva Kollarne Deak quoted "I like the service, it is clean, easy to use. "

Eva Kollarne Deak, Student - Monash Caulfield, Hallam

On what they would like to see: Masaki Nakajima quoted "instant noodle"

On what they like about our service: Masaki Nakajima quoted "convenient"

Masaki Nakajima, student, Deakin uni.

clients think.