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customers think.
On what they like about our service: Jade Linda Whitehead quoted "I like that you are kind and your products are always well presented and delicious. You replied to my complaint quickly, which was lovely of you. "

On additional comments: Jade Linda Whitehead quoted "nope, keep up the good work!"

Jade Linda Whitehead, Student, Deakin University

On what they like about our service: Sam Warnakulasuriya quoted "Great service and product availability."

On additional comments: Sam Warnakulasuriya quoted "Great Products."

Sam Warnakulasuriya, Student, Roxburgh Park

On what they like about our service: YIN WANG quoted "From my perspective, I really really like the 'location' of those vending machines...it is really convenient for students to purchase snacks or drinks from those vending machines after their class. In addition, I always purchase drinks in our campus, but one day when i met a problem that the vending machine couldnt give any drinks and any change, then i contacted Altavend, the service speed from them was really fast, they contacted me back and told me i would get my refund even the call cost. So i felt like they totally reached the customer's satisfaction as soon as possible after customer's enquiries. So i wanna say thank u again via this official site and hope altavend can go further...^.^ "


On what they like about our service: Feng Chen quoted "There is a varity kinds of food that I can take, sometimes Iarger packages can be sold in a cheaper price (compared to small package) is better. "

Feng Chen, Student, Monash

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