options from Altavend Solutions.
Altavend recognises that every place of business is different. For that reason we offer free consultations with an experienced vending specialist that will meet with you to guide you through the many options we can provide. We will strive to design our alternative vending solutions to your specific needs and concerns.

We will evaluate your account based on several factors including: demographics, type of work environment, working hours, number of employees, average foot traffic, space consideration and listen to any unique requirements you have in order to present the vending options that will best suit your company vending requirements.

Following is a summary of the different types of vending programs we currently offer:
  • Free Vending – Some companies like to offer their employees free beverages and snacks. Altavend can provide beverage coolers and keep them stocked, billing the company for all products delivered. We can also provide a partial free program where some beverages are free, while others are available through traditional vending machines.

  • Subsidized Vending – This option is sometimes popular with large corporate accounts. Altavend will place traditional vending machines and all of the products may be subsidized by the company. A good example is offering products at half our retail price. Altavend will then issue a monthly invoice to the company for the difference.

  • Traditional Vending – Altavend (in most cases) will provide vending machines free of charge and employees can purchase products at prices similar to convenience stores. The machines will accept both dollars and coins and for high volume locations card reader options are available.

  • Commission Based Vending – We provide two price structures. Our base vend prices are our lowest available. Raise them a little, and we have our Commission Based Program. Cheques are issued on an agreed percentage of Net Sales, and sent with a quarterly commission remittance statement. This option is available only for clients with a service agreement of a minimum covenant period of three(3) years.