celebrating diversity
Welcome to Altavend, Australia’s leading premier boutique vending service to cater for multicultural outlets including education facilities, offices, factories, catering businesses, call centers, public transports and hospitals.

Integration of a multicultural society is currently one of Australia's top agenda. As public and private organisation strives to promote multiculturalism, however, creating an environment suited to the convenience of their culturally diverse patrons can be challenging.

Here at Altavend, we bring our clients one step closer in achieving this goal by providing a recognition to their diverse patrons through our passion in vending.

news update

University of Western Australia
UWA - University of Western Australia joins our unique Asian Vending Program. The move aims to bring multicultural products to the growing international student community of their Crawley campus. The vending program will envisage some of the most popular products while catering for the unique demographic of the campus.

Murdoch University
Altavend would like to welcome Murdoch University as a partner in bringing this unique vending service to the multicultural student community in their flagship campus in Perth. The synergy allows the convenience and availability of a unique and popular menu which caters to the expanding international student numbers in campus.

Monash University
Altavend launches the new Fuji Hybrid vending machine series across all participating Monash campuses. The machines are well received in all the campuses and features a wider range and variety of Asian Drinks while creating a reliable and energy conserving vending solution that allows the enabling of both hot and cold drinks to be sold from the same footprint.